Q. Can you tell me more about One Fell Swoop MARKETING?

A. One Fell Swoop is a marketing strategy company that provides creative and research services for all types of businesses.  Our goal is to facilitate sustainable growth for our customers by using a unique blend of traditional, modern, and unconventional marketing strategies.

Q. How do I know your marketing tactics will work?

A. You don’t.  It’s our guess, though, that you are here because your current marketing tactics aren’t really working to begin with.  With a proven track record of creating successful strategies and producing effective content, we know that you will be pleased with the results.  To learn about previous success stories, shoot us an email at info@onefellswoopmarketing.com or take a look at our portfolio. 


Q. How do you determine the prices for your services?

A. One Fell Swoop’s prices are consistent and reliable – you will always be able to budget your marketing costs ahead of time.  Every initial consultation will provide an estimated cost of services, along with a detailed rate breakdown.


Q. How does payment work?

A. All payments for individual services and/or subscriptions are preceded by a contractual agreement outlining the cost of services.  One Fell Swoop accepts all major credit/debit cards and checks.


Q. If I order print design services, does the price include print production costs as well?

A. No.  Print production costs are not included in the production costs.

Once the creative content is released to you, you have the option to print the material internally or keep it electronic.  However, if you are interested in having us assist with the printing, we can provide you with an estimate for discounted print services.  This aspect of development can be discussed in the consultation meeting and agreed upon before project launch. 


Q. Do you provide any services other than what’s listed?

A. We may provide other services not listed on our site related to marketing.  If you feel that you would benefit from a service that isn’t listed, please send us an email and we’ll do our best to fill the void!


Q. How long will it take for my inquiries to be answered?

A. Your inquiries will be answered within one (1) business day.  Should you need immediate assistance, please leave a contact number and you’ll be contacted ASAP.


Q. How long will my project take? 

A. It depends on many factors: the scope of the project, the reach, the creative design, etc.  Each project has an individual estimated time frame, which will be discussed and agreed upon before project launch.  You will always know when to expect results! 


Q. Will I know what marketing strategies will be utilized before launch? 

A. Yes.  After the consultation session, One Fell Swoop will put together a proposal that includes an outline of services, a timeline, marketing goals, and pricing.  You will know exactly what types of services you will be getting before we launch. 

You can also choose to pivot after launch, should you desire to do so.


Q. How often will I get updates on the progress of a campaign or service?

A. If we are working on a singular or hourly-based project for you, you will have an estimated completion date even before the project begins.  Priority or rush service can be requested during the consultation session. 

If you are part of an on-going or long-term strategy, you will receive a monthly update on all aspects of the project, including statistical analyses, a detailed breakdown of what was completed that month, and a task list for the month ahead.    


Q. Will I be given the electronic files of the creative content developed by One Fell Swoop to use as I wish?

A. Yes.  Any and all creative work will be provided to you electronically upon completion for use.  Once the material is released to you, the intellectual property rights will be transferred as well.  This stipulation is clearly delineated in every project proposal.  For further information, please see the Terms and Conditions


Q. Who owns the copyright to creative content developed by One Fell Swoop?

A. Intellectual property and copyright gets a little tricky but, essentially, you do.  Here’s how it works:

  1. You provide One Fell Swoop with any necessary branding information, intellectual information, or other information related to your company with the intention of it being integrated into the strategy.

  2. One Fell Swoop implements your intellectual property and copyrighted material as necessary to satisfy the nature of the services needed.

  3. Upon project completion and payment for services, the rights to the intellectual and creative property are transferred back to you. And then from there on out, what you do with the content is up to you!